Quickly look up diagnosis codes using the new ICD-10 coding system. All codes are downloaded to your device – no browsing necessary!

STAT ICD-10 Coder contains the latest set of more than 60,000 ICD-10-CM descrtptions (2015 version).

How much are you paying someone to do your diagnosis coding? How much do you lose when codes are not specific enough?

All of the current diagnosis codes are available for quick retrieval by disease classification in a drilldown format with no typing. Code to the highest level of specificity every time. There is no need to overuse nonspecific “NOS” codes that often do not meet medical necessity criteria. You’ll never be at a loss to rapidly find the most specific diagnosis code again.

STAT ICD-10 works faster because it gives you only the information that you need – the diagnosis name and the ICD-10 code. One line per diagnosis.

Searching of index terms is also available via in-app purchase.